Is it consuming my life?

Wow. I am going to just start off right away by admitting my failure. 24 hours (or lack thereof) of zero personal laptop and iPhone social media use got the best of me. I am slightly embarrassed by this fact, but I guess it says a lot about how much I utilize my computer and technology.

I began my journey at 4pm on Saturday. The rest of that day was not any trouble because I was hanging out with friends and not around my personal computer. The only thing that I really had to think about while I was with friends was not using social media on my phone. I had to make a strong conscience effort to not click on the Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook apps when I felt the urge to check up on the latest news. I succeeded in not opening any of my apps until I woke up Sunday morning. It is in my morning routine to immediately check Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook when I am waking up and lying in bed. Gosh. That sounds pretty darn pathetic when I actually verbalize (or textualize) it. I completely forgot yesterday morning that I was still on social media lock-down. As soon as I woke up, I went on auto-pilot, picked up my phone, and began surfing the net. It took me a few minutes to realize what I was doing, and when I finally did, I threw my phone across the room. 

Okay. Maybe I didn’t throw the phone. BUT, I did quickly put it down. Throwing it just sounded my dramatic.

I don’t know if I should be ashamed of how much time I spend on my iPhone. What do reading people’s pointless personal tweets really do for me? Are they making me smarter? Most of the time I just get angry when I see incorrect usage of words like your, you’re, there, their, and they’re. PROOF READ PEOPLE. Also, why do I feel so inclined to see what new picture Lauren Conrad posted of her cute new dog on Instagram? And do I really need to know through Facebook that an old high school acquaintance got a dozen red roses from her boyfriend on Valentine’s Day? The only thing that I got from that was a little pity party which was themed, “I wish I had a cute boy giving me a dozen roses on Valentine’s Day too.” 

When I was with friends on Saturday and not checking my phone constantly, I felt more free. It honestly felt good not to have to keep checking Twitter like it was my job. Uhm, light bulb! Social media is maybe… slightly… consuming my life?

Sunday afternoon came, and I had to use my personal laptop in order to finish a resume. I started it on a certain program which the school’s computers do not carry. I had to cut my 24 hours a bit early so I could finish it before my sorority meetings. 

So many thoughts on this experiment! I am honestly considering limiting my own use of phone time throughout the day. I do not want to feel dependent on social media or like I HAVE to know what all of my friends are up to 24/7. I am not quite at that level, but I don’t want my social media usage to get to that point of desperation. I feel like my fingers are trained into typing “” immediately after opening up a web browser on my computer. It just kind of happens. Reevaluating my time spent on my computer and on my phone will be SO good for me. Is social media currently consuming my life? Right now, instead of checking all of my apps as soon as I wake up, I should be spending that time reading my Bible and talking to my Father in Heaven. That ten minutes of my morning needs to be channeled to something more beneficial to my life! 

All in all, I am going to really try to think about my time spent on social media on a daily basis. Am I truly benefiting from what I am doing in that moment? Could I be using that time for something more productive? Questioning the way I do things and WHY I do it will only help me grow! Yay for growing and becoming a better person. 


7 thoughts on “Is it consuming my life?

  1. These questions are definitely all things I need to be asking myself as well. I use my computer constantly for e-mail and homework purposes, but I probably use it just as much, if not more, for social media purposes. Whenever I find myself trying to put off sending an e-mail or doing homework, I immediately open either Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Yahoo, sometimes I open all four. I could get so much more done and accomplished each day before midnight if I wasn’t checking facebook or twitter every ten minutes. I would be so much more productive, and as an Economics major, isn’t that what I’m supposed to be focused on? I can honestly say, technology is consuming my life and is impacting it in ways that I may never realize. The real question is, why do I let something so material have so much power in my life? This is a question I am going to have to ponder over the next several days and hopefully I can find a way to lessen the influence of facebook in my life.

  2. My morning routine is exactly the same thing, and I agree wholeheartedly that really that time should be dedicated to something else. What exactly is the point of checking up on a website that won’t really benefit you? I think being raised and surrounded by technology has made it really commonplace for us to just constantly check social media even though we aren’t absorbing it at all. Like I couldn’t tell you what my Facebook feed said this morning when I checked it, but then that’s also the beauty of social media. It’s ability to constantly keep changing.

  3. I absolutely love that everyone has the same problem. I, too, think it was hardest to stay off the social media. Social media seems to, not necessarily consume, but distract us from what our true objectives are when we get on the computer or on our phones. Before getting on Microsoft Word or logging onto my email account, I always check Facebook first, then often get distracted by the posted videos, and pictures etc. I think social media is a great form of communication and source of information, but it must be mediated. You cannot let habit consume your time. This is something I know I need to work on! Social Media and I have a love-hate relationship; can’t live with it, can’t live without it.

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